Which Is Better? Juicing VS Blending?

Apr 06, 2017 @ Project Juice

To juice or to blend…that is the question!

There has been a lot of debate on whether juicing your produce or blending your produce is better for you. Here is what we know:

Juicing VS Blending
Produce is squeezed. Produce is pulverized.
All liquid and NO pulp. Liquid and pulp. 
Soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber.

The truth is, juicing and blending can live harmoniously within your diet. That’s right, one is not better than the other…it all just depends on your wellness goals. 

Juicing and blending your produce is a great way to salvage about-to-turn produce. 

If your goal is to reduce bloat and maybe even lose a pound or two, then juicing is for you! In the juicing process, the produce is squeezed and the indigestible fiber is separated. This makes it is easier for your body to absorb nutrients.

If you have any digestive problems or generally have problems digesting whole produce, juicing your produce eases the work on your digestive system and allows you to still reap the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies!

If your goal is to gain or maintain weight or even to improve your overall health, then blending is for you! In the blending process, the produce is pulverized leaving all plant fibers intact making it much bulkier than juice.

Blending your produce into a smoothie is a great way to add superfoods, healthy fats, and protein into your diet. Smoothies are satitating and even make for a great solution for quick and easy meals on-the-go. 

We know that your wellness goals can change over time but you can rest assured knowing that there’s always a way complement them. 

Author: Marra St. Clair

Co-Founder of Project Juice, Marra also holds a certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning as a Pilates instructor, and is also a certified personal trainer from the Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified Gyrotonic instructor, a certified nutritional consultant and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. When she is not coaching people through Project Juice, she is a highly recommended personal trainer and Pilates instructor.