Should I Do A Juice Cleanse?

Sep 10, 2018 @ Project Juice

So, you’ve read all about how to do a juice cleanse and now you’re asking yourself, “Should I do a juice cleanse?”.

A juice cleanse is tough but if you set goals and stay focused, it will have amazing benefits on your body! Look no further, here are our top reasons to do a juice cleanse:

You Want To Jumpstart A Healthier Diet

A juice cleanse is the perfect way to jumpstart a healthier diet for the first time, get back on track after a super indulgent weekend or holiday, or simply if you want to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

Juicing for at least 3 days will also help you break the cycle of unhealthy food cravings. By eliminating the habit of comfort eating, a juice cleanse can reconnect you to your body’s true signals of hunger and provide a psychological boost to help you alter unhealthy habits.

You Want To Identify Food Alergens

Food allergens are attributed to an assortment of ailments including rashes, acne, bloating, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and depression. Effectively identifying your trigger foods could be the difference between having boundless energy, fighting extreme fatigue, struggling with weight-gain or (on the flip side) maintaining your ideal weight with ease.

You Want To Reduce Bloat

An unhealthy diet full of rich and fatty foods will make you bloat and feel uncomfortably stuffed. Since fat takes longer to digest, you may not visit the bathroom regularly. A juice cleanse can help ease your digestive tract, eliminate those unhealthy food cravings, and in turn make you less bloated.

You Have Problems Digesting Whole Produce

Drinking juice is easier on your digestive system because the produce is squeezed and separates the indigestible fiber. This helps the body work less to absorb nutrients. If you find that you are having trouble digesting whole produce, juicing is a great way to still have all the nutrients of fruits and veggies.