New Seasonal Juice: Winter Detox

Jan 25, 2017 @ Project Juice

It’s here! Our new winter seasonal blend, Winter Detox, has arrived with a blast of nutrients and strong cleansing powers to help you keep your resolutions strong through the New Year.

As always, this juice is cold-pressed and made with 100% USDA-certified organic produce to keep you and the planet healthy and happy.

Our combination of refreshing cucumber, deeply purifying dandelion and burdock, and sweet young coconut water is perfectly balanced with a touch of lemon for a slam dunk of nutrients and a taste you can get behind.

Try drinking Winter Detox as part of your daily routine for elevated wellness, add it to your next custom juice pack, or enjoy it in our Seasonal Reset Cleanse for increased detoxification.

Nourish and cleanse your body with this alkalizing juice blend and read on for more on each plant-powered ingredient! 


While most commonly known for their cute, yellow flowers on front lawns, dandelion greens are actually a nutritional powerhouse and strong liver cleanser! Dandelion is an excellent source of calcium, which keeps your bones strong and your nervous system healthy. A serving of this powerful leafy green provides your entire daily intake of vitamins A and K, which help boost the creation of blood cells and the regulation of blood clotting. It also contains vitamin C to support the immune system and possibly shorten colds! Dandelion is beneficial for eyesight as it boasts a great amount of the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. 

Learn why consuming vitamin C is crucial to your beauty routine!


Cucumber water is found in spas so often for a reason – they’re extremely hydrating for the skin and detoxifying to the body! This fruit masquerading as a vegetable is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals and inflammation to possibly fend off or prevent cancer. Cucumbers also offer polyphenols that boast anti-aging properties from oxidative stress. As a natural diuretic, cucumbers help to flush the body of toxins and waste while bolstering the digestive system and liver. This also helps to reduce bloating!


The water from fresh young coconuts is the perfect, natural substitute for sugar-laden sports drinks after a workout! Coconut water is loaded with the electrolytes potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, which are vital in maintaining fluid balance, pH levels, and muscle health. These can be lost through our sweat during a hard workout or with dehydration-related illness. Coconut water replenishes electrolyte stores and rehydrates the body while also providing vitamin C and B6.


The benefits of lemon can’t be overstated! This citrus fruit stimulates digestion, which can ease an upset stomach and prevent bloating. It can also boost nutrient absorption and liver function to help flush out toxins in the body. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C to help bolster the immune system and protect the body from oxidative damage. When lemon juice enters the digestive system, it promotes a more alkaline pH and can actually be an energy and mood booster!


Burdock is an orange root vegetable most commonly found in North Asia and Europe and known for its extreme detoxification and blood purification properties. Active compounds in burdock root can help remove heavy metals from the blood leading to improved organ health. Burdock also helps with lymphatic drainage and toxin removal, which promotes your body’s capability of healing itself. Studies have also found that a phytochemical called arctigenin found in Burdock may actually help combat cancer cells!

Author: Marra St. Clair

Co-Founder of Project Juice, Marra also holds a certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning as a Pilates instructor, and is also a certified personal trainer from the Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified Gyrotonic instructor, a certified nutritional consultant and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. When she is not coaching people through Project Juice, she is a highly recommended personal trainer and Pilates instructor.