Each day is a new beginning, filled with endless potential. The time after waking up, but before connecting with daily demands is a magical space in your day that can change everything for the better! Are you someone that wakes up and reaches for your cell phone to check email or status updates before you have greeted the day? If so, an alternative start to your day may be just the shift you need to bring more peace to you and even more productivity.

I 100% get it... Being as busy as we all are, there is an underlying temptation to jump into task lists as soon as possible, even if it is with one eye still shut from the previous night's sleep. I challenge you to resist temptation and instead indulge in a morning ritual that is all yours. Take this challenge for 10 days and see what happens. There are only a few rules to creating a satisfying morning ritual.

  1. Give yourself 15 minutes at a minimum. Anyone can spare 15 minutes. AND YOU DESERVE IT. No excuses accepted.

  2. No technology. By gifting yourself some time without technology in the morning hours, you can be with your thoughts. This is where the magic happens.

  3. All activities must be for you and only you. It is so easy to spend your entire day doing things for other people. Give yourself the morning!


  1. Reflect up my dreams: I wake up sometimes to an alarm, sometimes not. As soon as my mind is processing thoughts, I try to remember and dreams and journal about them if they are worth remembering. Doing this first thing in the morning brings back the dreams with such vividness, it is like I am getting to stay in the dream for that much longer while reflecting.

  2. Practice Gratitude: While my journal is open, I write down a few things that are on the top of my mind for which I am grateful. I also write down one blessing which I want to be able to add to my list! Sometimes this list is long and meaningful and other times it is short and playful. No matter what type of gratitude list I am in the mood to write that day, it always makes me happy to do this.

  3. Enjoy a silent meal. I eat (or drink) breakfast. In silence. Every day. Typically I have a smoothie or juice and I savor each sip. I think about how I am nourishing my body and how I am going to use the energy I am receiving.

Sometimes I get to extend this ritual into a morning workout, but other times it ends here. Regardless, it is wonderful. Morning is my sacred time. It creates space in my life when there are what feels like a bajillion things cramped into my days; it adds calm to my chaos. Try creating a morning ritual that works for you. 

Let me know how it goes, I can't wait to hear what you discover.