Look Slim in Your Swimsuit: Five Foods to Reduce Bloating

Jul 01, 2016 @ Project Juice

Swimsuit season is upon us!

We’ve rounded up a collection of 5 belly shrinking foods you can incorporate into your everyday diet to help reduce abdominal bloating and keep you looking slim in your suit this summer.


Fennel is one of the most widely used anti bloating foods in the world. In Indian culture, for instance, it is known as the digestive herb and it is common to chew the fennel seeds following meals.

Known for its licorice-type flavor, fennel is rich in both anethole oil and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals – and together promotes healthy digestion, eases abdominal pain, and helps prevent gas & bloating. It works by promoting secretion of digestive and gastric juices, easing stomach and intestinal inflammation, and increasing absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract… consider this the ultimate flat belly food!

We have the perfect summer salad recipe for you featuring fennel and leafy greens to help you beat the bloat. Check out our Fennel Argula Salad recipe. 


“Overactive” gut or IBS can contribute to belly bloat. Research shows that the blend of oils contained in coriander (made from the sweet nutty seeds of the cilantro plant – geranyl acetate and linanoll – can relax digestive muscles and reduce bloating from these conditions. 

A pilot study published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Science found that patients who supplemented with coriander for 8 weeks had significant reduction in boating and abdominal discomfort.


Both high in fiber and water content, Kiwifruit is the perfect flat belly food. Not only does it get the bowels moving, one fruit also contains a full day’s recommended dose of vitamin C which also helps flush fat. In a study conducted in Southeast Asia, IBS sufferers who ate 2 kiwi fruits per day for 4 weeks had less constipation and bloating than those who didn’t.

Added bonus? Studies show kiwis are high in potassium, an essential mineral that can be lost through increased sweating in summer’s hot temperatures.


Sure you knew it was good for reducing inflammation, but did you know that it is also anti-bloating?

The anti-inflammatory properties of its active compound, curcumin, not only offer pain relief from sore muscles, but it also calms down an upset stomach. 

Try Project Juice’s Turmeric Lemonade in a custom juice pack or find it in the Alkalinity Kit – reduce bloat, curb hunger cravings and stimulate your metabolism.


The best flat belly food of all is water… because staying sufficiently hydrated signals your body that it is okay to rid itself of excess water. Increase the diuretic effects by squeezing some lemon juice into your water or drinking it hot with slices of ginger in it.

Still don’t love the taste? Try these spiced water recipes to turn your glass of H20 into your best anti bloating food.