Drink, Live



As a holistic health coach and juice cleanse connoisseur, I have been keeping a dirty little secret that I am going to let you in on. I have decided to come clean in hopes that it will inspire you to trust that you can make meaningful changes in your own nutrition, regardless of the current state of your diet.

Once upon a time, I was addicted to Red Bull. Seriously addicted. Addicted to the tune of 2 (okay maybe 3) per day. This artificially flavored and highly caffeinated chemical bomb had me under its spell during a decent stretch of my time as a personal trainer. When my alarm would ring at 4:30 am each morning, thoughts of that little blue and silver can were what pulled me out of bed and got me to the gym in time for my first personal training client. As their marketing claims, Red Bull did indeed give me wings to push right through the mid morning and afternoon slump in order to continue working into the evening . . . until one day it didn't.

My body had built up a tolerance for the high levels of taurine and caffeine and I no longer felt the energy surge that originally got me hooked. I remember feeling panicked on the day that I had to face the reality that my energy drink no longer gave me a boost. I was not willing to add a 4th Red Bull to my daily ritual because that seemed like a problem (lol). I needed a change, a big change. I tried yerba mate, good 'ol coffee, three different varieties of green tea, the list goes on - nothing restored my energy levels to what they were on my early Red Bull days.

In brainstorming on what I should do in hopes of getting back to my natural energy, I reflected on some years earlier when I had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and restored my digestive system through juice cleansing (future blog post to come on this). I couldn't help but to think that if I was able to undo years of damage from eating wheat through juicing, that I could also beat the fatigue I was experiencing by restoring sanity to my diet through fresh pressed juice. And so it began...

I embarked upon a self inflicted challenge to start each morning with nutrient packed green juice. While it would be a lie to say that I immediately felt my energy surge, my body did have a noticeable positive reaction to the juice. Within a week, the fatigue and caffeine withdrawal headaches had passed. Within two weeks, I was sleeping like a champ and waking up with ease at the 4:30 am bell! By week three, people began to ask me what I was doing differently. I looked better because my body was releasing excess fluid that the I had been holding, my eyes were brighter, my skin looked great and my stretchy yoga pants were not so uber tight. I had no idea that replacing my caffeine addiction with a morning juice was going to impact so many things, but I was sure thrilled it did!

Since this transition into the world of being a daily green juice drinker, I have dedicated much of my life to studying juice in all of its glory. Adding liquid nutrition to my diet in the form of organic, cold pressed juice offered me a full spectrum of health benefits. If I had to choose, here are my top 3 favorite perks on my long list of happy side effects:

1. Stabilized Energy Levels

While I am fully addicted to green juice today (and BTW, I am not embarrassed to keep that one a secret), my energy does not decline if I have to skip a morning of juice for one reason or another. After consistently feeding my body nutrients and antioxidants on a daily basis, I am in better balance.

2. Digestive Health

Flooding my body with live enzymes on an empty stomach each morning has restored regularity to my digestive system. As someone that has struggled with digestive issues since childhood, regularity of bathroom matters is something to be celebrated!

3. Weight Loss

Starting the morning with green juice, allows my body to continue the deep daily detox and repair that begins during sleeping hours. Since juice is absorbed on a cellular level and does not require energy output in order to use the nutrients, my body can use the cleansing juice to enhance my body's self cleansing routine, enhancing the efficiency and health of my organs (especially the liver - which is our favorite fat burning friend).

Give this small change a chance by committing to begin your morning with green juice for six weeks. The transformation will be noticeable. Of course cold pressed is best for maximum flavor and nutrition. And as always, organic is the only way to juice since anything less would be introducing a huge dose of pesticides into your body. Just saying!!

For ultimate convenience, treat yourself to a Project Juice Membership and enjoy the perks of organic and cold pressed juice delivered to your door. 

Oh - and if you are kicking a caffeine habit and are dealing with nasty side effects, you know where to reach me. I am here to support you! I promise it is worth the pain. Life is better with juice!