Best Non Toxic Sunscreens & 4 Ingredients To Avoid At All Costs

Jul 11, 2014 @ Project Juice

By Lori Kenyon Farley

You have probably heard that many sunscreens are chemical bombs that can potentially do more harm than good. Some of the common chemicals in them are said to interfere with hormone balance, cause cancer and lead to a host of other physical challenges. Lovely 🙂

As someone that pays great attention to what I put in my body and on my skin, I have been on the hunt for the perfect all natural sunscreen for some time now. After reading that coconut oil acts as a great sunscreen, I decided to put it to the test last weekend on the 4th. Well friends – turns out  . . . . it does not work (at least not for me)! Although, I will say that it was an awesome way to soothe my skin post-sunburn.  

Whichever brand suits you best – these are the most commonly used chemicals to avoid in your sunscreen:

  • Retinyl palmitate – carcinogen
  • Oxybenzone Benzophenone-3 – linked to hormone disruption (it is recommended for children to avoid suncreens that use this ingredient for this reason)
  • Octyl-Dimethyl-Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid (OD-PABA) –  causes oxidation of your skin, leads to premature aging
  • Butyl-Methdiebenzoylmethane – releases free radicals into the body

Since the complete au natural option did not work for me, I an reverting back to some of my favorite non toxic, but super effective store bought sunscreens. Here are my top 2 picks and why I love them. 

Raw Elements
Raw Elements was given the highest rating for having the least toxic ingredients by the EWG for 3 straight years.  It is 100% natural with certified organic active ingredients.This sunscreen is crazy effective and can be worn in water for up to 80 minutes! It is hypo allergenic, eco friendly, dies not harm our oceans, is biodegradable and never tests on animals. Raw Elements rocks in every way. 

Aubrey Organics Natural Sunscreen 
Aubrey Organics offers a completely sheer sunscreen which is pretty rare for highly effective sunscreen. Offers full UVA and UVB sun protection. Plus, this sunscreen is highly moisturizing with all natural botanicals.  

These are just a sample of the many great natural, toxin free options on the market – check out Environmental Working Group for their full list of approved sunscreens. So go find yourself a natural sunscreen that you love and get out there and enjoy a bit of sunshine this summer! Sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D which is essential for mood, bone health and good brain function. The sunshine builds your immunity, kills bacteria and bolsters your general well being. 

Photo by: Maciej Serafinowicz