5 Companies That Spring Into Action And Cut Waste

Apr 27, 2017 @ Project Juice

In honor of April’s Earth Day, Project Juice has partnered with brands making awesome goods from upcycled, recycled or otherwise “saved” materials, to present a very special Spring Into Action Giveaway!

Prizes include yoga pants made from recycled water bottles, a messenger bag created from discarded textiles, flip-flops made from repurposed tires, juice pressed from ugly produce and much more. Read on to learn more about 6 waste-stopping brands that will make you feel less guilty about shopping. A little something for you and a little something for the earth.


Life is a series of projects, each with the common goal of enhancing well being. Let Project Juice be your personal guide to achieving elevated wellness. We work with local, certified organic farms in creating delicious, nutrient dense cold-pressed juices, cleanses and plant based foods delivered directly to your doorstep. Project Juice proudly presses ALL of it’s juice with at least 50% ugly produce (our new seasonal Ugly & Awesome is pressed with 99% ugly produce – learn more). Help us combat the food waste epidemic one bottle at a time.

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We dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogi, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. We are teeki. We take water bottles and turn them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. We support you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit.

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At Looptworks, the only thing we scrap is the typical way of doing business. We’re a design brand on a mission: to use only what already exists. We intercept and utilize excess materials and transform them into new, useful products — a process known as upcycling. Our sustainable, eco-friendly products are made in limited editions, and in the process save materials from landfills or incinerators. Choosing upcycled goods over products made using virgin materials saves water and air.

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Synergy believes that consumers deserve the choice to buy clothing they feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced. All Synergy clothing is ethically produced, GOTS Certified, and dyed with low impact dyes. From their home base in Santa Cruz, CA to their handwork seamstresses in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, the Synergy Family is part of a global community with purpose. They believe in creating high quality goods by supporting the well being of those who make their business possible.

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Right now, millions of wasted tires are polluting land, clogging rivers and drains, and wreaking havock on the beautiful land of Indonesia. We believe that these tires can be put to a better purpose. Indosole represents a lifestyle of resourceful creation. We are on a mission to salvage tires and other waste materials to give them new life as fashionable and functional goods. Join Indosole on their quest to save 1 million waste tires from landfills.

At Linus, we see bicycles not only for recreation and sport, but as a legitimate form of transportation. In our everyday life, we take numerous little journeys, under 5 miles… to the store, the cafe, to work. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, these small bicycle trips reduce carbon emissions, congestion, noise pollution, and make for a happier, more connected city experience. That’s Linus… a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.


Author: Project Juice

Co-Founder of Project Juice, Marra also holds a certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning as a Pilates instructor, and is also a certified personal trainer from the Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified Gyrotonic instructor, a certified nutritional consultant and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. When she is not coaching people through Project Juice, she is a highly recommended personal trainer and Pilates instructor.